Bright Winter Kit

230 SR
Treat your skin with a deep hydration kit for the winter season. 
Bright winter kit includes the most hydrating products to ensure bright and supple skin during the dry winter season. 

available now in our best selling scents of Powder and Pink Musk 
the kit includes: 
  • Hydrating body butter
  • Sugar Body Scrub 
  • Lip scrub with sugar and botanical oils 
  • Lip Balm
How to Use: 
1. before the shower or bath, shake the body scrub jar, scoop some in a bowl to take into the shower. 
2. after washing the body with soap, scrub your body in a circular motion with the scrub, leave it for a few minutes to hydrate your skin, and get all the benefits from  all the oils, butter, and extracts in the scrub 
3. after the shower, use the body butter to lock in the moisture and get baby smooth skin. 
4. put a little of the lip scrub on moist lips, leave for a minute and scrub gently in a circular motion, wash and follow with lip balm. 
do this routine once or twice a week to keep your skin hydrated. 
Buy the kit now for an amazing shower experience. 

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